Vivid but blur!

On weekends, I usually roam around my house. I see birds, huge trees, flowers, fruits, people, mountain, green grass, clouds, vehicles, soil and sea shore. Everything is normal like others except sea shore.

Every weekend it’s different in : colour, sound, weather, water, wind and mood of waves. Colour of water changes as per mood of weather. Sometimes It’s sky-blue..

Sometimes it’s white wash and dark in shade..

Sometimes it’s golden..

Sometimes it’s shades of yellow…

It is adaptive and try to accommodate it as per serene. It is loud but peaceful when it comes to its own world.. it’s vivid, but blur once vision loses sight.. it is messy but transperant!

Summing up, all moods it has still it’s one.. whole..unique!❣️ Vivid but blur…!🌎

Somewhere on the Sea Shore🌊

They say- “Changes are beautiful”. But which kind of changes are they – social,econmical, environmental, routine changes…? any clue? guess? The country India is strong witness of abrupt and drastic changes in terms of tradition, culture, mindset, innovation, environment, politics and many more… many waves give vibes for ordinary. Some waves are small and some are big. uplifting these waves for every second to balance decorum is not easiest part ever. This ocean has huge depth of thoughts, shine of confidence, belief, and motivation to move forward. some waves oppose the ocean, some waves look opportunities and some waves just live. The ocean needs to take care of…🤗what would be routine of The Ocean, just flow or move forward or take care of waves? Really? I think routine of The Ocean is different and diverse. nobody cares it actually. That grey water is already mixed with waves. Still Ocean has hope of silver shine. But one observation that I ever liked is – habit of frequent change that ocean has. Hence, Ocean also supports thought “Changes are beautiful”. Everyday, every minute you are experiencing small changes in your routine. Some may affect your life or change the aspects of looking life. But every living being has diverse mindset to look up to Change. At some places ‘Change’ is big remark. Because grey shade is always influence your positivity. If you think to accept the change life is more humble and kind that you never imagined that journey is having great! My journey taught me a lot about changes and dealing with it. What’s yours?? 

Book Review – The Last Lecture

About Author :- Randolph Frederick Pausch was an American educator, a professor of computer science, human–computer interaction, and design at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Another side of him is Pancreatic Survivor who died in year 2008. (Reference: Google)

Review:- If Doctor says to you that you can live hardly 7 months more!😟 What person will do after listening to Doctor? He collects memories of his life, He visits his friends, family, known gamut of relatives and many more.. But he can spend his time wisely and mostly with loved ones.. no one can think about work, Bank balance and material things.. It is obvious  nature of anyone who’s counting last days on earth 🌍Author has courage to write book and deliver his last lecture in front of University students after knowing he is be on earth for few days!! Another courage is content of lecture.. Content surrounds with his life till date, dreams he has pursued, lessons he learnt, some memories of adulthood & parenting and imagination of his family life after him. Don’t you think, it’s inspiring? Yess, It is inspiring..! It makes realisation of how time is precious and how to spend it wisely. In usual days, We follow routine of day, but never think about ourself, never give enough time to us. If we here such news, Can we bring back that time? Can we go back and correct the situation? Author gives opportunity to read how to manage time,How to look forward in life and stay motivated for everyday. 

My Takeaway:- Some quotes from this book 📖

1. Time is all you have and you may find one day that you have less than you think.

2. Tenacity is a virtue, but it’s not always crucial for everyone to observe how hard you work at something.

3. Brick walls are there for a reason. They give us a chance to show how badly we want something.

4. EXPERIENCE is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted..

5. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Ratings:- ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

Organization of book is good. Well balanced emotions,look, editing and writing. Good Content.. Short stories.. 

Maharashtra’s Mini Mahableshwar: Dapoli

DAPOLI – The smallest town that resides in state of Maharashtra & on the coast of Arabian sea along with historic footprints. For many years it is famous for Tourism and Trading. Small villages of this town put remark in field of tourism. It is formarly known as ‘Camp Dapoli‘ due to British Camps. In historic moments, Alfred Gadney was one of the British ruler famous for primary development of schools, colleges and temples across this town. Some Notable personalities and freedom fighters born & brought-up in this town like Bharatratna Maharshi Karve, Sane Guruji, Wrangler Raghunath Parajpe, etc.

Small Villages of this town are catchy not only for tourists but for archeologist and artists as well. These villages are developed in same pattern of houses, farms and gardens. Typical konkani house architecture, green rice farms, mango-coconut gardens and folk behaviour are the primary pillars of this town. It also highlights the food-culture, habitats of natives, education, traditions and standard of living. Due to Arabian sea, Dapoli is famous for diversity in mammal species, flora-fauna and migration of birds and weather. There are many historic temples with ancient sculptures like Keshvaraj Temple (Asud village), Ganesh Temple (Anjarle village), Durga-Devi temple (Murud village), etc.

The festivals of this town like Gokulashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Shimgotsav, Narali-Paurnima,Ramnavmi are celebrated traditionally. Every small village has significant contribution in development of this town. It is also famous for clean beaches along with combination of Maharashtrian-konkani cuisine, Mango cultivation (Ratnagiri Hapus) and Fish market. Because of descent lifestyle and Natural gift, this little town puts kind footprints in ❤ of tourists!

Things to explore in Dapoli…

  • Beaches – Kelashi, Anjarle,Harnai, Murud, Karde, Ladghar, Dabhol.
  • Temples – Keshvraj Temple, Ganesh Temple, Durgadevi Temple, Shri – Dutta Temple, Mahalaxmi Temple (Kelashi)
  • Cusinie – Ukdiche Modak, Aloo-wadi, Sol-kadhi, pickles, Fishes,etc.
  • Places – Harnai Fort, Fish Market, Parshuram Bhumi, Tamas-Tirtha (Ladghar), Murud.
  • Information center – Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli.
  • Stay – 3 to 4 days. Best for weekend getway.
  • Travelling Time (Approx.)- From Mumbai – 5.5 Hours, From Pune – 5 Hours.
  • Nearest Railway station – Khed.
  • Accomodation – Hotels/Resorts, small cottages, Home stay..

Story of Jungle Safari!

Anyone can feel scary to stay in Jungleor Forest. Since my childhood, I like forests. But I never ever think about living in forests. I always admire animals, trees , nature. I moved to Mumbai due to my service. I decided to do things which I’d admired before. One of the thing was to get experience of living in forest. It was very troublesome to think like this. Being young unmarried girl, people always think about some other ways of living life. “Living in Forest or Jungle” was different experience at that youge age. One day, I told my friend about this idea, surprisingly she was also ready to come. Though she was not intrested in forest more than me 😉 Another surprise was I got green signal from my Parents and finally, At Friday night we had started our journey towards Nagpur…

That time, my friend and I were not completely aware about reserved forest areas in India. It was only in Geography Book 🙂 Even then, we had selected the forest “Pench National Park (Madhya Pradesh)” as our first experience! We had only one safari there and It was hard luck for us as we were unable to see tiger 😦 But that first experience I will never forget in my life.

About Pench National Park…

One of the tiger reserve in India is Pench National park situated in-between Seoni & Chinndwara districts in Madhya Pradesh. It is locatd in Satpura-Maikal mountains ranges. This forest named & splitted because of Pench River. South of Tiger reserve lies in Maharashtra as “Pench Tiger Reserve”. It is first inter-state project of the country. One of the zone of Pench National Park is Mowgli Pench Sanctury. Bengal Tiger is more poular Cat specie of the park present in good numbers and one more intresting thing is Ghost Tree. Pench forest reserve, is one of the places that may have inspired Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Best time to visit this park is in-between November and May. [Refernce: Google]

Though we were unable to find Tigers, We had connected different mammals & plants species in forests. One of the mammal was Human Being 😉 We came across the people who had different thoughts, lifestyle, culture, traditions, likings and tendency to help others during this whole journey. This journey had opened a new door of my life. We also met two people (later I went to next safari in Ranthambore with them…) during Pench Jungle Safari and We became friends in Jungle 🙂

It was quite better experience than my expectations. One more lesson that I learnt about Natural habitats of animals & plants. There lifestyle is peaceful, not harmful to others. Because of these reasons they able to maintain decorum of Environment. There were no rich & no poor, everyone had own standards to follow. Many things that we have to learn from them. Specially living lessons.From that time, It had changed my view about nature and I decided to zoom nature till perfection…

The Destiny!

Liza passed the post graduate exam & joined as junior research fellow in one of the premier research institute of country. Her life was ordinary.. But her friend had extraordinary Life. His parents started looking brides for him. He was belonging to very conservative family.. though he brought up in very educated background.. No use of it in such cases.. Both talked about their relationship with parents! And it was very formal meeting thought it’s matter of home issues…

Parents of Liza were practical & independent. Though there were lot of differences in their families..both were agreed to their marriage! The Destiny of their love took new way of life! Meantime Liza were settled & both were established beautiful life.. not only professional but personal as well…. 🙂

It’s really well said that – The marriages are settled in heaven, just we celebrate it on earth!

I think this is very common story of everyone’s life.. I hope Liza & his better half will have wonderful married life ahead.. Oops! You are curious about who’ll be Liza’s better half? I mean his name!!! Actually I never thought about it 😉 I just wanted to interpret how beautiful life is… Though there are few ups n downs, there’s always beautiful end! Like a thought – Difficult roads often lead beautiful destination!

I can conclude this series keeping hope that everyone will able to see beautiful end of their life.. please let me know, your thoughts after reading this whole series… Your feedback is valuable… 🙂

The Pink Shade…

Papers of sencond year (4th sem) were diffucult.. but Liza passed exam. 3rd year of engineering was hopeful.. As Liza knew already about it, her plans were already ready.. very few had passed exam.. so count of class was very less… felt sad but was okay as no choice there.. Liza attended regular classes, labs sessions.. sometimes she bunked lectures & wanted to go wherever for fun.. this small fun breaks kept people energetic!

In TE, Liza didn’t get much time for fun… she spent time on project work & paper publications & assignments alloted to her.. one day she was doing a little project of web security… she stucked in mid.. Liza was good in Analysis & Hardworking for project.. so many times she used to do a project on individula level.. but on that day, she required help of someone.. Accordingly she asked to rest of class…nobody didn’t get what’s problem 🙂 Liza came across such challenge first time! very well said that – “God has different plans for everyone…” God had really different plan for Liza.. Liza was stressful.. one of her friend suggested to ask to seniors… Liza felt happy and she immediately remembered her previous year project competition.. she met one senior last year in the Project Mela. She thought for a while & rushed to his class. She told him about her project & had requested for help. He tried to help & What a Miracle! Liza had achieved completion title of Project. Liza was happy & thankful for him.. from that onwards they became friends & that was start of new beautiful journey… 🙂

It was very difficult for Liza to express feelings for someone. I think for everyone, it’s really uncomfortable.. but He knew how to manage such decorum. And that Pink shade began with so many dreams! As He was in last year.. both of them were not getting enough time to enjoy their another world.. but they honestly tried to manage time for that beautiful another world..  He cleared university final exam & already placed in MNC.. Liza admired him lot & started preparation for further studies.. She wanted to go for research.. He missed her every single day.. new part of that beautiful another world was Long-distance Relationship! They chose different paths of life.. wheteher they still able to manage their relationship? can He fall for another smart girl in MNC? what’s your guess… whether this college relations can be successful in future or not?

Let’s see the destiny of Pink shade in next chapter.. till you can try to cherish your memories of ‘Pehla Pyaar’ [If you have 😉 ] … 

To be continued…

Freshers Fete..

Monsoon days are passed.. generally Monsoon days feel Romantic days.. but every engineering student of her college had different Romance 😀 Liza literally bored for Monsoon that year.. she wanted to go ouside for sightseeing with her friends.. but not possible to go due to heavy rains & stormy winds! Actually she was hater of loneliness! her expectation of enjoying with friends has been fulfilled in coming days.. her college had arranged Welcome Party for freshers… normally it was in first half of year & in Romantic weather.. Natural DJ was there.. Liza enjoyed lot…

Finally Monsoon has ended and everyone started preparation of University Exam. It was first exam of university.. Liza was sincere student.. but every student has tension, stress during examination.. Exams overed in month… that month was stressful & hopeful for vacations 😉 After last paper, all students were shouted joyfully n gave wishes of Happy Vacation to everyone! after vacation, again start of next semester.. students had feelings that every year, every semester was new start..:)

The second half of every academic year was awaited moment.. not because was possible to bunk lectures & labs but due to different decorum of college.. during this period Liza’s college had arrange gathering fest for students.. though Liza and her friends were freshers, at  that time, everyone was ready to enjoy & particpate in different events arranged by college.. Liza’s college kept ‘Halloween‘ theme this year.. Liza was part of Decoration team.. Pumpkins, ghosts & bloody glasses were attracted everyone’s mind! her friends were part  of Dance, Drama, debate, group discussions & sports teams. College kept flexibility for attending lectures! sometimes, college had some good sense 😉

During this semester, college days were another attraction.. Tie day, Rose day, Chocolate day, Tattoo day, Twins day, mis-match day… and so many.. Romeo & Juliet of every class were  wanted to be chocolate boy & girl, Rose King & Queen that time 😉 Liza was originally scholor.. so she was least interested in such things.. but she had a lots of “Good Friends” 🙂 Boring part for many students & favoruite of teachers was project competion & paper presentation. It was totally technical.. Liza had no mind in that as she was too junior for it.. For first two years, every student considered as Junior…

Those two years were like butterfly.. settled academic life… more responsible matters had yet to come in Liza’s life.. Liza had exactly imagined such life in those Monsoon days… which responsiblities were on her shoulder, any smart guess? wheter they were Academic or Romantic?? Let’s see in next chapter…. till enjoy your sweet cultural days… & be curiuos about next two years (those responsible days) of this story….

To be continued….

The day in Pink years…

First Choice!

Liza left higher secondary school & enrolled for computer engineering course. At that age 80% children are confused about career choice.. Not only career choice, I think all choices of life. Liza was ambititous,hard working & sincere too.. she wanted to become successful like role model.. & satisfied in person. Mostly all engineering colleges start their first half in Monsoon at her place.. Monsoon was very effective season for thatchildy mind.Liza liked Monsoon days.. due to excitement of both Monsoon & college, her thoughts took place of her daily routine!

First day of college!

Liza was super excited to go to college.. college is bridge between childy mind and responsible brain.. and it was only first year and first day of new path.. she collected everything… bag, notebook as it was first day (in engineering people used to manage one notebook for whole sem 😉 ), pouch, tiffin, bike keys, raincoat & ID card (most imp..). She had allotted A Div of FE (FE – First Engineering). That day of college was new to her.. talking about her friends, she was very lucky in that. her all friends fortunately joined same college.

First Lecture!

Every division had different lectures & few professors are same for few divisions & it was prefered alternative ways. First lecture for A division was about Applied Chemistry I. Normally, students used to say it AC. Engineering students always fond of short forms.. the scientific word for it as abberivations 🙂 young madam came into class & started introduction of chemistry.. madam was good looking & had decent idea to balance decorum of class.. Actually, hard fortunate of every engineer who had to learn all basic subjects of all branches in first year. Lecture was atleast for 1 hour in day for each subject. Madam introduced & revised few topics & shared idea about practicals or labs. 2hours daily had lab session for each subject… Liza had to face physics, maths (M1), business communication lectures along with AC labs sessions. Liza liked that madam & her fortunate, she got same lab teacher for her batch. the academic day went much better than she expected!

First Lunch Break!

Her friends already with her during this course. but Liza met few new as well. her college had huge cafeteria. Liza’s group went to cafeteria for lunch.. because it was first day.. studentes were at least sincere on first day.. cafeteria was far from academic halls.. It was surrounded by trees & gardens.. Liza was able to imagine pretty picture of her college days… on very first day.. It was beautifule architecture of college.. Break was not too long.. only 45 minutes! but such breaks only used to put efforts to stress out…. food was tasty, obviously it was homemmade! So, It was very settled academic life for her…

Day well spent.. it opinioned as bored or well that we can see in next chapter…. but every reader can able to go back to first day of college easily… grad schools are bunch of memories.. what you think, what kind of things Liza had imagined about her pretty college days? any guess… Let’s see… till enjoy first eve of this magical day in your memories..!!!

Realistic Ideology!!

They say – “Marriages are setteled in heaven & we celebrate it on earth!” A very common ideology in society  is that two persons are getting married means they are made for each other.. have you seen ever such captions for wedding posts? Let me clear about real meaning of “made for each other”. When two different unknown personalities meet each other & fall in love with same attraction, dedication & emotions then these personalities are rellay made for each other we can say… 😉 I hope you understand my point… why everytime we faced different realities in society that are really beyond our imagination!

One that realistic day, we all (my friendcircle) went for coffee break. In my friendcircle there’s one couple. we had discussion as usual. I sat beside that couple & few words are accidently knocked my ears.. “I am only living with you because my parents want, My soul is not meant for you & I know you are not perfect for me”  sound so rude… but yeah, In many of couple can agree this point.. and you never know that couple also agreed! Reality is here & ideology is that couple has same thought process. don’t you think, funniest influence of reality & ideology..

Our society has made some idealistic criteria for marriage. Important aspects are kundli matching, money, higher education, Rich parents, big house/flat in city, Jwelery,  same community, etc. In short, your future life should lie in this fancy world. practically, It never matched with anyone, it remains in assumption, ignorance. it is contract signed by two unhappy, happy people ever.

If someone lies on reality & set crieteria for marriage based on person’s emotional attachment, education, ability of thinking, expressing thoughts, love, self-respect, care, good communication, mutual understanding, feelings. don’t you think such ideal couple is accepted by our realistic society???